The Ball – Mundial: Portugal win Cape Verde and PM is watching (Handball)

The nationwide senior males’s handball crew defeated its Cape Verde counterpart this Friday afternoon within the fourth spherical assembly of Group II of the ‘principal spherical’ of the Handball World Championship Sweden/Poland-2023 on the Arena Scandinavia in Gothenburg. 35-23 (14-12 at half-time), in a match witnessed by Prime Minister Antonio Costa on the bench within the firm of the Secretary of State for Sports, João Paulo Correa.

After drawing with Brazil (28-28) and earlier than going through hosts (and world runners-up) Sweden, on Sunday (7.30 in mainland Portugal), the ‘Heroes of the Sea’, coached by Paulo Jorge Pereira, made modifications. African runners-up ‘Blue Tubaros’ from Cape Verde and now one of many high two locations within the group and will decide qualification for the quarter-finals in opposition to hosts Sweden, world runners-up, on Sunday, 22, from 7.30pm in mainland Portugal.

In Group II of the ‘principal spherical’, Cape Verde has zero factors, Portugal now has 5 factors, however solely the primary two have reached the following stage: this time, the group is led by Sweden with six factors, and third, however with one much less sport than Portugal, with 4 factors. Iceland seems as quickly because it is registered. Only a win counts for Portugal in opposition to mighty Sweden, however the first of two finals is a win for the ‘Heroes of the Sea’.

Cape Verde and Portugal are at most power, with no accidents or penalties within the respective ’15s, the referees might be German Merz Maike and Kutler Tanja.

Cape Green: Luis Almeida and Edmilson Gonsalves (goalkeepers); Delcio Pina, Ivo Santos, Edmilson Araujo, Leandro Semedo (captain), Flavio Fortes, Bruno Landim, Paulo Moreno, Rafael Andrade, Adamilson Furtado, Gelson Correa, Felisberto Landim, Eloy Semedo, Guelter Furtado and Nelson Pelina. Coach: Lyubomir Obradovic.

Portugal: Manuel Gaspar and Miguel Ferreira (goalkeepers); Pedro Portella, Vitor Ituriza, Miguel Martins, Rui Silva (captain), Lionel Fernandez, Alexis Borges, Diogo Branquinho, Alexandre Cavalcanti, Antonio Aria, Francisco Costa, Andre Gomes, Martim Costa, Luis Fred and Fabio Magales. Selector: Paulo Jorge Pereira.

Remember the reside, up-to-the-minute Cape Verde-Portugal assembly on the 2023 World Cup right here:

59′- 23-35, Cape Verde from a 7m free kick, Ivo Santos’ objective… and It’s over now, Portugal’s 35-23 win! Next sport: Sweden, Sunday, 7.30pm!

58′ – 22-35, Goal from Cape Verde, Gulter Furtado. One and a half minutes earlier than the tip of the match, Portugal leads by 13 targets!

58′ – 21-35, Portugal’s objectiveRui Silva!

57′ – 21-34, Portugal’s objectiveAntonio Areya!

56′ – 21-33, objective for Cape Verde, Adamilson Furtado.

55′ – 20-33, objective from Cape Verde, Delcio Pina.

54′ – 19-33, Goal from Cape Verde, Bruno Landim.

54′- 18-33, Portugal’s objectiveAntonio Areya!

53′ – 7m free kick for Portugal, Antonio Aria saves by… Luis Almeida, Cape Verde custodian… and Estrella da Amadora!

52′ – 18-32, Cape Verde, objective from Felisberto Landim.

51′- 17-32, Portugal’s objectiveVictor Ituriza!

51′ – 17-31, Portugal’s objective, Lionel Fernandes! His fifteenth World Cup objective!

50′ – 17-30, objective from Cape Verde, Leandro Semedo.

50′ – 16-30, Portugal’s objectiveLionel Fernandes!

49′ – 16-29, Portugal’s objectiveAnd the captain of the crew, Rui Silva!

48′ – Third two-minute suspension for disqualified Paulo Moreno (Cape Verde): now not taking part in within the match, pink card.

48” 16-28, Portugal’s objectiveManuel Gasparne, goalkeeper debut objective for the nationwide crew, objective to objective… abandoned, then again!

47′ – 16-27, Portugal’s objectiveAntonio Areya!

47′ – 16-26, Portugal’s objectiveAndre Gomes!

46′- 16-25, Portugal’s objective, Lionel Fernandes! Portugal lead by two targets, at half-time, as much as 9, with 1 / 4 of an hour to go!

45′- 16-24, Portugal’s objectiveLouis Fred!

45′ – 16-23, Goal for Cape Verde, Rafael Andrade!

44′ – 15-23, Portugal’s objective, Vítor Iturriza, and one other suspension for Délcio Pina (Cape Verde) after 2 minutes! Portugal blew the scoreboard!

43′ – 15-22, Portugal’s objectiveLouis Fred!

41′ – 15-21, Portugal’s objective, Antonio Areya, with a free kick from 7 meters! His fifth objective of the sport, as was Delcio Pina (Cape Verde), high scorer of the match!

40′ – 15-20, Portugal’s objective, Victor Ituriza!

39′ – 15-19, objective from Cape Verde, Delcio Pina.

39′ – 14-19, Portugal’s objectiveAntonio Areya with a free kick from 7 meters!

38′ – 14-18, objective from Cape Verde, Delcio Pina, who performs… for Sporting.

37′ – Suspension of Andre Gomes (Portugal), for two minutes!

36′ – 13-18, Portugal’s objectiveLouis Fred!

36′ – 13-17, objective from Cape Verde, Delcio Pina.

34′ – 12-17, Portugal’s objective, Rui Silva! And the Prime Minister, Antonio Costa, seems within the stands, watching the assembly: his picture now seems, clapping.

33′ – New suspension for Cape Verde, Bruno Landim for two minutes.

33′ – 12-16, Portugal’s objective, Antonio Areya! Portugal lead by 4 targets within the first match… and Cape Verde in numerical inferiority, as a result of omission of a participant, which the choice took benefit of and saved their very own distance on the scoreboard!

32′- 12-15, Portugal’s objectiveAntonio Areya with a free kick from 7 meters!

31′ – The second half begins!

Halftime: Portugal wins by two targets, 14-12!

30′ – 12-14, Portugal’s objectiveLuis Fred!, in response, Fred shortly shot to attain with 5 seconds left for Portugal and… to cheer!

29′ – 12-13, Cape Verde, Goal for Felisberto Landim!

29′ – 11-13, Cape Verde objective, Nelson Pina, Belenenses participant.

28′ – Great save by Miguel Espinha: he is already fourth, stage with Cape Verdean counterpart Edmilson Gonsalves!

26′ -10-13, Portugal’s objectiveMartin Costa!

26′ -10-12, Cape Verde, Goal by Delcio Pina.

25′ – 9-12, Portugal’s objectiveVítor Iturriza shoots for objective… Deserted (Cape Verde with no goalkeeper this time)

25′ – September 11, Portugal’s objectiveAntonio Areya with a free kick from 7 meters!

23′ – 9-10, Portugal’s objectiveFabio Magalhès!

22′ – 9-9, objective from Cape Verde, Bruno Landim.

22′ – 8-9, Portugal’s objectiveVictor Ituriza!

21′- 8-8, Cape Verde objective, Edmilson Araujo.

20′ – Excellent save by Miguel Espinha!

20′ – 7-8, Portugal’s objectiveAnd goalkeeper Miguel Espinha, objective to objective (Cape Verde was, and is, abandoned) – the second objective by a Portuguese worldwide goalkeeper in 11 worldwide matches!

19′ – Pedro Portella hits the put up!

19′ – Furtado (Cape Verde) is despatched off for two minutes.

18′ Edmilson Gonsalves, the Cape Verdean goalkeeper who performs in Angola on 1.º de Agosto, saves Martim’s shot: good efficiency by the ‘keeper!

18 – Paulo Jorge Pereira calls a ‘day trip’ for Portugal, who’ve recovered from 2-4 to 7-4 and are actually tied at 7-7…

18′ – 7-7, Cape Verde, objective from Flavio Fortes.

17′ – Alexis Borges misses 2 minutes, Cape Verde’s first time in numerical superiority, first time within the sport for choice.

16′ – 6-7, objective from Cape Verde, Bruno Landim.

15′ – 5-7, Cape Verde, objective by Flavio Fortes.

15′ – 4-7, Portugal’s objectivePedro Portela scores a objective… Deserted, Cape Verde with no goalkeeper!

14 – 4-6, Portugal’s objectiveFabio Magalhès!

12′ – ‘Time Out’ requested by Obradovic for the Cape Verde nationwide crew.

12′ – 4-5, Portugal’s objectivePedro Portela – Portugal in entrance of the scoreboard for the primary time within the sport!

10′ – Adélcio Pina (Cape Verde) is dominated out for two minutes for alleged simulation: Portugal once more in numerical superiority…

9′ – 4-4, Portugal’s objectiveDiogo Branquinho scores an empty internet (with no goalkeeper, at this level, Cape Verde)!

8′ – Bruno Landim (Cape Verde) despatched off for two minutes: Portugal in numerical superiority.

8′ – 4-3 Portugal’s objectiveLeandro Cavalcanti!

7′ – 4-2, objective from Cape Verde, Leandro Semedo.

7′ – 3-2, Portugal’s objectiveAndre Gomes!

7′ – 3-1, objective from Cape Verde, Leandro Semedo.

6′ – 2-1, Cape Verde, objective from Delcio Pina.

6′ – 1-1, Portugal’s objectiveFrancisco Costa!

5′ – Portugal fail to attain regardless of maintaining the Cape Verdeans out and having a numerical benefit for 2 minutes.

2′ – 1-0, Cape Verde, objective from Delcio Pina.

1′ – The match begins!


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