Embolization may be an option to protect the uterus

Josualdo Eusebio Silva, vascular and endovascular surgeon (Photo: Gladyston Rodriguez/EM/DA Press)

According to statistics from the Unified Health System (SUS), the variety of hysterectomies amongst Brazilian girls is excessive, representing the second highest fee of feminine surgical procedure after caesarean sections. Vascular and endovascular surgeon, Josualdo Eusebio Silva emphasizes that the variety of girls who take away the uterus is alarming, as a result of it’s a disfiguring intervention, which in most of those instances can be averted with a quite simple and minimally invasive process: embolization.

Full or partial hysterectomy continues to be excessive follow in Brazil and overseas. Notifications in the United States, for instance, attain 200,000 instances per yr, and Brazilian estimates vary between 200,000 and 300,000 annual instances, with three deaths per thousand procedures.

The surgeon famous that fibroids symbolize about 60% to 70% of those procedures, about 50% of Brazilian girls have or may have fibroids in some unspecified time in the future in life, and greater than 1/3 of them are in the reproductive part, that’s, up to 38 years. Fibroids are benign tumors in the muscular wall of the uterus.

They clarify that embolization has change into a beneficial method and is more and more gaining floor in drugs as a girls’s well being care option. The process was launched in France in 1994 and is extensively used round the world due to perceived outcomes.

A myomectomy is the removing of a fibroid and also can be completed through video, though it’s nonetheless invasive, whereas embolization makes use of a microcatheter to protect the uterus and future pregnancies.

Embolization includes introducing a catheter by a small lower in the uterine artery, groin or arm, which feeds the myoma, embolization with the launch of small particles, embolic brokers, blocking this upkeep artery to sluggish the myoma down.

“Patient is discharged early, can return to regular work prior to hysterectomy”

Josualdo Eusebio Silva, vascular and endovascular surgeon

There are quite a lot of supplies to be utilized in intervention, various from case to case. Surgical removing is carried out to stop extreme menstrual bleeding, ache, or signs of bladder or bowel compression due to the process of intentionally blocking the blood vessels that provide the fibroids.

Embolization makes use of imaging strategies to information the interventional process. Unlike conventional surgical procedures, it isn’t essential to use incisions. The surgeon makes use of X-ray, tomography, or ultrasound photos to pinpoint the space.

“Decreased circulation to the website leads to speedy and painless enchancment in signs. Approximately 90% of girls expertise reduction from signs with this system. The total process is carried out in a hospital atmosphere, with native anesthesia or spinal block and even common anesthesia, relying on the anesthetist’s evaluation”, he explains. “The sooner the affected person is discharged, the sooner he can return to regular work than with a hysterectomy,” he says.

Surgeons observe that embolization permits the interplay of varied medical traits to point out the greatest therapy in every scenario. A gynecologist is an knowledgeable in deciding the therapy of fibroids, equivalent to hysterectomy, removing of fibroids, use of hormones or embolization.

The drawback happens as a result of the myoma grows and occupies area in the uterus, increasing the uterus and may hinder implantation. The situation doesn’t imply being pregnant obstruction; However, it is a complicating issue, as the new method preserves organs and doesn’t trigger scarring.


Removal makes being pregnant inconceivable and myomectomy, which frequently leaves a big space of ​​the uterus scarred. Embolization protects the uterus, however doesn’t assure fertility, though it’s a much less invasive option, with out bleeding and with out the want for blood transfusion.

It is vital to underline that, though it is a much less invasive method, it presents dangers and in some instances, removing of the uterus is important, it is necessary to coordinate with a gynecologist to point out the greatest therapy and for postoperative management. .

Embolization is extensively utilized in numerous fields of drugs by endovascular surgical procedure, equivalent to in instances of arteriovenous malformations, to shrink tumors and facilitate surgical procedure, the use of embolization with chemotherapeutic brokers, vascular accidents, and difficult-to-control bleeding. .

Understand the course of

1- The femoral artery is punctured. A information wire is superior to the uterine artery after which the catheter

2- Contrast medium injected to establish the arteries supplying the fibroid

3- Polyvinyl particles (PVA) are despatched to block irrigation

4- Without blood, myoma dries up, signs disappear


• No surgical incision is required, only a puncture in the groin or arm, the place the catheter and embolizing materials are inserted. Medical procedures equivalent to videolaparoscopic surgical procedure and robotic surgical procedure are trending towards minimally invasive methods.

• Patients sometimes return to regular actions a lot sooner than surgical procedure, as massive incisions with much less tissue trauma should not required.

• Approximately 90% of girls expertise important or full decision of fibroid-related signs (bleeding or compression signs associated to the dimension of the fibroid).

• On common, fibroids will shrink to half their authentic dimension. Most importantly, they change into softer after embolization and don’t put an excessive amount of stress on the adjoining pelvic organs.

• Studies have proven that development of handled fibroids or growth of recent fibroids after uterine fibroid embolization is uncommon. Since not all fibroids are uterine situations, even early-stage nodules, which may be too small to be seen on imaging, are handled throughout the process. Uterine fibroid embolization is a extra everlasting answer than the hormone remedy option, as fibroids often develop again when hormone therapy is stopped.

Embolization: The method treats uterine fibroids

Illustration illustrates the course of. Through a groin puncture, a fine-diameter catheter is inserted into the artery supplying the myoma, and microparticles are injected to disrupt the myoma’s provide, leading to its penetration.

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