11-year-old boy dies of hantavirus after wild rat bite in SC | Santa Catarina

An 11-year-old boy from Urubichi, Serra Santa Catarina, died of hantavirus, the municipal well being division reported on Tuesday (20). According to Secretary Diogo Blumer, the boy was bitten by a wild rat.

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The demise occurred on September 7, however the take a look at outcomes got here in on Friday (16) night time. According to the secretary, the boy lived in a rural space of ​​the municipality.

The Epidemiological surveillance of Urubici noticed 18 suspected circumstances of the illness. It is important to await the outcomes of the exams on the Central Laboratory of Public Health of Santa Caterina (Lassen) in Florianópolis.

Hantavirus is transmitted via the urine, feces and saliva of wild mice — Photo: Emmanuel Passa/Disclosure

According to Bloomer, the inhabitants of wild rats has elevated in the Serra Santa Catarina area. “Urubici is taking all measures, info and management of circumstances. We are alert in Urubici”, mentioned the secretary.

The Directorate of Epidemiological Surveillance of Santa Catarina (DIVE) reported that the inhabitants of this breed of wild rodents has elevated in the municipality of Serra Santa Catarina. akodon And oligozomywho could have hantavirus.

According to Dive, this example could also be associated to the flowers of the Tequara Cara plant (chusquea mimosa variation Australia), which befell on the finish of the summer season.

The plant is unfold throughout a large swath of the Atlantic Forest, so development in wild rodent populations might unfold to different areas of the state, in response to Dive.

Because of this, the Secretary of State for Health issued a notice alerting well being providers to the state of affairs.

The Directorate of Epidemiological Surveillance of Santa Catarina (Dive) confirmed that the kid’s demise has been notified.

This yr, six circumstances of the illness have been confirmed in Santa Catarina, the state’s Directorate of Epidemiological Surveillance (Diwe) reported. A complete of 4 sufferers have died out of this.

In addition to the boy in Urubici, Agronomica and Lontras, in the Itajaí Valley and Cacador, died in the west.

According to Dive, Hantavirus is an infectious and critical illness that happens in wild rodents. This manifests as cardiopulmonary syndrome, which might result in demise inside 72 hours.

In Santa Catarina, there have been circumstances of the illness since 1999.

How is Hantavirus unfold?

Wild rodents shed the virus in recent urine, feces and saliva. The commonest transmission happens when individuals inhale tiny aerosols produced from the urine, feces, and saliva of wild rodents that blend with mud.

Bites from these animals also can trigger the illness, as occurred to the boy in Urubici, however in response to Dive, that is much less frequent.

Hanta virus prevalence is increased in rural areas. The individuals most simply contaminated are farmers, fishermen, forestry staff, individuals residing or working in rural areas and individuals who sweep closed and poorly ventilated sheds, warehouses, warehouses and nation homes.

How to forestall Hantavirus?

  • Avoid human contact with wild rodents or their droppings (primarily faeces and urine);
  • Indoors, hold all meals in closed luggage or bins a minimum of 40 cm above the ground;
  • Wash dishes and kitchen utensils instantly after use. Do not depart meals scraps on the bottom;
  • Always hold the world the place animals dwell clear, all the time gather leftover meals;
  • guaranteeing correct assortment and disposal of waste;
  • Corn and different grains ought to be planted removed from the home;
  • Keep the world round the home, sheds, warehouses and residing quarters clear always, free of weeds, outdated tires or different particles;
  • Do not relaxation in closed areas with leftover meals or grain (eg storerooms);
  • Before cleansing an enclosed house, permit it to ventilate for a minimum of one hour earlier than cleansing;
  • After air flow, wait 1 hour earlier than moistening with 10% bleach (1 half bleach to 9 water) and cleansing the world.

Infographic displaying methods to forestall hantavirus illness — Photo: Reproduction/Dive

What are the signs of Hantavirus?

According to Dive, the signs are:

  • fever
  • diarrhea
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • headache
  • physique ache
  • Abdominal ache
  • Dry cough

Symptoms could embrace extreme shortness of breath, fatigue, low blood strain and drowsiness. In these circumstances, the danger of demise from the illness is excessive.

Dive advises that, Seek medical consideration instantly if any signs happen. you Individuals could develop signs as much as 60 days after publicity to hazardous situations.

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